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      product: FU-chain conveyor
      product information:

      First, use

      & nbsp; FU-chain conveyor system introduced in Japan and Taiwan’s advanced technology for manufacturing into a horizontal or inclined (≤15 °) conveying powder, granular materials, which are widely used in building materials, construction, chemical, thermal power, food, mining, machinery, metallurgy, transport, ports and transportation industries.

      Second, the main features of

      & nbsp; large transmission capacity, allowing large amounts of material transported in a small space, transport capacity of 6 ~ 600m3 / h.

      & Nbsp; low transport energy consumption, energy-saving 50% compared with the screw conveyor.

      & Nbsp; good sealing performance, fully sealed enclosure for environmental pollution.

      & Nbsp; long life, alloy steel conveyor processed through advanced heat treatment methods, normal life> 5 years, roller life ≥2 ~ 3 years on the chain.

      & Nbsp; cost-saving, energy-saving and durable, low maintenance, reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

      & Nbsp; process layout flexible. Horizontally or climbing (≤15 °).

      Third, the tag example


      four, FU-chain conveyor technical parameters


      transporting raw materials and finished products, raw and cooked cement powder optimum chain speed is shown in table 3


      five, FU-chain conveyor Outline and Dimensions Table



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