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      product: LSII screw conveyor
      product information:

      I. Overview

      & nbsp; LSII type LS-type screw conveyor screw conveyor is the upgrading of products, designed and manufactured in line with JB / T7679-95 "screw conveyor" standard.
      LSII type screw conveyor digestion and absorption of Denmark Smith’s advanced technology, structure and material bearing on the intermediate hanging bearing
      made larger improvements. Chilled cast iron as the main material hanging bearings, chilled cast iron wear resistance, and generally does not require lubrication, a maximum operating temperature of up to
      260 ℃, especially for transporting cement, pulverized coal and cooked powder, slag and other abrasive sexual material.
      LSII type screw conveyor new structure is reasonable, advanced technical indicators, good sealing performance, applicability, low noise machine, easy operation and maintenance,
      expected out of position flexible layout. Is widely used in building materials, electricity, chemical, metallurgy, coal, aluminum and magnesium, machinery, light industry, food industry and food
      ; for horizontal or less than 20 ° inclination, conveying powder and small block materials.
      Screw machine easy to transport perishable, viscous, easy to knot bulk materials.
      LSII type screw conveyor diameters from 100mm-1000mm total of dozens of specifications, the length from 4m to 70m, 0.5m each one file.
      LSII type screw conveyor drive is divided into two types:
      C1 Method - screw machine is less than 35m, single-ended drive; C2 Method - Screw Machine something greater than 35m, double-ended driving.
      Screw machine divided by the middle of hanging bearing:
      D- Chilled bearing material; D1- self-lubricating bearings;
      D2- lubricating bearings; D3- rolling bearing.

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      Third, the technical parameters


      LSII screw conveyor Dimensions table


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