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      Effective promotion system equipment
      >> N - TGD series
      >> NSE series
      >> NE series
      >> TH type
      Conveying system equipment
      >> DS type
      >> FU type
      >> Xz type
      >> Medium plate feeder
      >> DJS, SJS type
      >> SZ type
      >> LSII type
      Belt conveyor
      >> TD75 type
      >> DTII type
      >> Big dip Angle belt conveyor
      Bulk machine homogenization library system
      Environmental protection equipment
      >> LMC long bag pulse filter
      >> DMC type
      >> PPW series
      Valve series equipment
      >> Electric pneumatic circular duct butterfly valve
      >> Single and double spiral gate
      >> The rods gate
      >> Single, double chain lock the wind flap valve
      >> Electric shutter valve adjustment
      The detailed information
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      product: Homogenizing silo system
      product information:

      Homogenizing silo system

      One, overview

      All of the libraries in the library system is the bottom center is provided with a cone mixing chamber, in order to reduce the pressure unloading material in the library, the elimination of funnel flow. The mixing chamber is provided with 8 - 12 feeding holes, the annular region between the mixing chamber and the base wallis provided with 8 - 12 inflatable area, discharge ring cell Shilun flow relativeinflation, so that part of the cement to the centre of the mixing chamber. In the process of flowing from the top to the bottom level, cutting material layer and produce gravity mixing, into the mixing chamber for mixing chamber aftercontinuous aeration stirring and further homogenized. This library are of value of up to 5 - 9. Power consumption 0.150.30kwh/t.

      Two, all of the libraries system schematic diagram


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